Electrode holders, shanks and arms

Wether copper or aluminium alloys - we offer process-oriented solutions

Electrode holders

Electrode holders / cranked electrode holders for resistance welding are mostly individual solutions for bringing the electrode or the cap to the welding point. Depending on the accessibility of components, we manufacture according to samples, customer drawings or work out a solution with you.

Threaded shanks / extensions

We generally manufacture threaded shanks for resistance welding from the materials WIRBALIT® HF or B for Ø 16 mm caps and Ø 20 mm caps with M18x1.5 thread in various lengths.

Electrode shanks

Straight electrode shanks with an outer cone are used in the welding machine or the electrode holder. The electrode cap is attached using an external cone in accordance with ISO 1089. The shafts are manufactured in accordance with ISO 5183 or in a special design.

Electrode arms

This component of the robot welding gun transfers the electrical energy and force to the electrode.