Gas shielded / submerged arc welding

Gas shielded arc welding

The contact nozzle is screwed into the nozzle assembly for current transfer and wire routing in the welding process. In addition to the common types of contact nozzles, we also manufacture individual special types according to your drawings or samples from different materials and surface treatments on request.

We manufacture gas nozzles as plugged and screwed versions. In higher performance ranges we recommend our quality WIRBALIT® HF.

Nozzle sticks are screwed onto the torch neck and are used for gas distribution and the reliable reception of contact and gas nozzle.

Submerged arc welding (SAW)

In the field of submerged arc welding, we offer contact nozzles and electrode brackets/jaws. Due to the high mechanical stress in this process - abrasion in the wire guide hole - we recommend our heat-resistant material WIRBALIT® B, which significantly increases the service life.