Weld location & control pins

We hold a comprehensive range of weld location and control pins for the use in resistance welding in stock. These are e.g. used for welding processes such as nut welding at body parts in the automotive and commercial vehicle assembly. The components are available as well in Si-Al-O-N and Zr-O² (full-ceramic) as also in ceramic-coated steel, with a thickness of 150µ- 500µ. The ceramic parts will be delivered custommade, in accordance to drawings of our customers or in standardized versions.

Si-Al-O-N, with its excellent thermal mechanical and wear resistant properties, is an ideal material for welding applications, in which high strength, thermal shock resistance and electrical insulation are required.  

Zi-O² has a high strength and toughness, is electrically insulating and is used where harder impacts, shocks or vibrations are expected. However, this material is not recommended where changes in temperature or thermal shock may occur.      

Ceramic coating on steel has excellent qualities and is the economical alternative to full ceramics, however cannot entirely replace it. It is wear-resistant, with low friction as well as electrically and thermically insulating. In particular, this alternative offers protection against lateral shear forces. The ceramic coating is applied by thermal spraying. As steel core we use a stainless steel (1.4301).